Los Agaves – Chelsea, Massachusetts – USA


When you enter Los Agaves, the last thing you would think about is “Mexican restaurant”. It look more like a bar/night club with a dark ambiance and red and purple accent lights. There are a couple of Mexican style decorations that tell you “Err yes, you are at a Mexican place” and a cute statue of a Mexican character but that’s about it.

I sat at a table and did notice that there we are a couple of tables with families including children. Again, because if the ambiance and lighting, they looked out of place. The menu I was handed is pretty bland looking, a few sections group the different offerings. They have a lot of the staple items you find in a Mexican restaurant in the US: burritos and chimichangas, which is not always a  good sign. But they do have some typical Mexican dishes which increased my hopes for the place; Pozole and Huaraches are always nice to find in the menu as they might be a hint of how authentic the food is going to be, but not always an assurance.

I wanted to order a Taco de Barbacoa but they had run out the meat. So I went for a Taco de Birria and a Chicken Huarache. I also ordered a Pozole to go, so I could try that the next day. The taco was not bad, but very little meat in it and the Huarache was very well served, but the Masa was fried, which is not the typical way of serving it. Had it been regular cooked Masa I would have enjoyed it more, but it was good. Everything was saved by the hot sauces though, they brought me Roja and Verde and they were…delicious, spicy and tasty!

The next day I had the Pozole at home and I am happy to report that it was good, but I did not like the fact that they give you cabbage instead of lettuce (the standard).

All in all I would say it was a good experience and a satisfying meal. I still don’t like the decor, but the food was not bad.

Name: Los Agaves

Address: 950 Broadway, Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150

Website: Los Agaves




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