La Lucha – Nuremberg, Bavaria – Germany

[This review is a collection of comments from Mexicans (thank you!). The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of A Falta de Pan, Tortillas since we did not personally visit the restaurant]


The service and flavor are excellent, occasionally they have specialties like Chilaquiles, Carnitas, Chorizo and Tamales. This place is for those who want to feel in Mexico because the music, the decoration and above all the food is as it should be.The sauces are wonderful, especially habanero sauce, tasty quesadillas made of blue corn tortilla, the horchata water with Ron and of course Tequila from Jalisco.

The menu is pretty straigth forward with solid options, Tacos de Arrachera (soft skirt beef), Cochinita (marinated pork), Alambre de Pollo (chicken), Nopales (cactus), Carnitas (pulled pork) guacamole and quesadillas (cheese tacos) all in corn tortillas which gives it a unique taste. There is an abundant selection of salsas that left me thinking how did they get the ingredients in Germany.


Name: La Lucha

Address: Adamstrasse 39, 90489 Nürnberg, Germany

Website: La Lucha





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