El Mexicano y Mucho Mas – Victoria-Gasteiz, Pais Vasco – Spain

[This review is a collection of comments from a number of Mexicans.  The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of A Falta de Pan, Tortillas since we did not personally visit the restaurant]

Well, the experience at El Mexicano was beyond anything, simply spectacular. The best in nachos, Tacos de Cochinita, Enchiladas de Mole. Remember to leave some room for the corn cake and Arroz con Leche. Excellent dinner with authentic Mexican flavor.

As a Mexican I can say I loved it. Being so difficult here in Spain to get the right ingredients, it was delicious. Enchiladas Rojas and Verdes, Tacos al Pastor, and Crepas de Cajeta! I have finally found flavors that remind me of my country. The Salsa Verde I love so much was delicious over amazing tacos, I tried almost all varieties!

The Tortillas are top notch, the best I have had anywhere around here. You can tell they have dedicated time and passion to achieve flavors so close to the ones I get in my Mexico.


Name: El Mexicano y Mucho Mas

Address: ARANTZABAL # 9, 01008 Victoria-Gasteiz, Pais Vasco, Spain

Website: El Mexicano y Mucho Mas


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