Che Taco – Buenos Aires – Argentina

[This review comes to us from Angeles, a  Mexican living in Argentina.  The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of A Falta de Pan, Tortillas since we did not personally visit the restaurant]

There is a wide variety of dishes, and being away from our beautiful and beloved Mexico, you want to eat all and you do not have one in particular, but those that I have had to try, it’s like eating in Mexico, there is no difference. The sauces are very tasty and varied, the tortillas can not be said to be 100% equal in taste, because the corn is different from the one used in Mexico (but that happens with all tortillas made in Argentina), but it is very similar to the taste of Mexico. And I repeat it again, the main thing is that it is 100% Mexican


Name: Che Taco

Address: Estados Unidos 501 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1101

Website: Che Taco






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