La Neta – Stockholm – Sweden

[This review comes to us from Mexicans in Sweden. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of A Falta de Pan, Tortillas since we did not personally visit the restaurant]

I’m from mexico I know very well what a taco is and the tacos al pastor and gringa with pastor was really delicious, very cheap prices compare with other restaurants and all attendant Latinos ! That’s good . Definitely best taco place

I have tested many mexican restaurants in Europe and it is usually Tex-Mex or something mexican-ish to adequate it to the local cuisine. I went to La Neta expecting real tacos as I read in many of the comments here and they did not disappointed me! This is the real thing señores. I am from Mexico and I think I know a bit about tacos. If you wanna try the real deal…the real mexican street tacos well… La Neta is the place!

As a Mexican living abroad, it is always a disappointment to go out for Mexican food. But La Neta was a blessing! Each and every taco I ordered tasted like back in Mexico!
Do not expect a nice restaurant setting, where you can wine and dine an entire evening. Do expect the typical “taqueria” setting, fill your tummy with delicious food and go out to wine and lounge elsewhere afterwards. You won’t be sorry if you have ever been to a Mexican taqueria!


Name: La Neta

Address: Barnhusgatan 2 111 23, Stockholm Sweden – Östgötagatan 12B116 25, Stockholm Sweden



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