Tacontento – Milan, Italy

This is a Mexican restaurant worthy of being visited in Milan. It is a small place but with a very tasteful decoration with Mexican details that give a distinctive touch and the end result is a cozy place. The atmosphere is always pleasant and the service attentive and cordial. The food gives you from the first bite that taste of Mexico that so many long for. The quality of the food is excellent, they use ingredients respecting the original recipes and taking care of all the details, like the three variants of sauces that they offer as accompaniment.

The star of their menu for me is the mixed order of tacos that they serve with a tortilla with a great quality in terms of its flavor and consistency (I emphasize this point because I have had to go to other Mexican restaurants in this city that they offer sheets of paper for tortillas and that spoils the experience of eating any taco) and well, impossible to miss the sealed tuna Tostadas served with red onion and refried beans that are a real treat.

Anyway, my experience has been very pleasant, I have had the pleasure of knowing both the owner and the chef, the first one an Italian who admires and wanted to make our gastronomy known in a faithful and respectful way, and the second a very professional man and committed to true Mexican cuisine, which takes care of every detail of what comes out of his kitchen and that works wonders inside it. Everything as a whole, make the TACOTENTO, a unique and unmatched experience in Milan.


Name: Tacontento

Address: Via Trau’ 2 Milan, Italy 20159

Website: https://www.tacontento.it/


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