?? ?? Margarita Kolendra – Warsaw, Poland

Excellent choice if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food – this is a rare gem in Warsaw and one where it is very common to find the Mexican expat community often congregating on weekends with family and friends or on Wednesday’s when there is live music playing all the classics we grew up with back home. Best Mexican restaurant and the only one that sells genuine Mexican food, the owners are so kind and the service is excellent! The only tacos in Warsaw that taste just like they do in Mexico. Los mejores!! Gracias Luis!

This is a real Mexican restaurant! It feels like Mexico when you are there!! Delicious Tacos! Excellent spicy home made salsa!

This is Mexico!

Name: Margarita Kolendra

Address: Stefana Okrzei 35, 03-715 Warsaw, Poland

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MargaritaKolendra/

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