????Santa Maria – Berlin, Germany

I am from mexico and I had craving for mexican food, well, this is the place! The food is just like the one you could eat in Mexico, the tacos (carnitas and suadero) are quite tasty, the chilaquiles as well, good portions, for 2 persons a chilaquiles to share and then 2 orders of tacos to share as well was enough to luch. The margaritas are tasty as well, I could recommend to stay with the original if you dont like too sweet cocktails, but if you do, take the mango one, quite tasty as well.

Delicious!!!! As a Mexican living in Europe is great to find a restaurant with real Mexican taste. I will come back for sure.


Address: Oranienstraße 170 Berlin, Germany

Website: https://www.santaberlin.com/


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