Hija de Sanchez Taqueria – Copenhagen, Denmark

I am Mexican, born and raised in Mexico, so I have the right to consider myself a Tacos and Micheladas expert. Guys, this is the first time I got the whole mexican experience away from home (not even in US).

Everything begins with the Tortilla. They have maiz tortillas freshly made just few minutes before they serve your tacos and they are actually made with maiz “nixtamalizado” by themselves.

Having the right tortilla counts for 50% of the experience, what comes next are the “guizos”. That day I could try one of each of the 3 options of tacos for 100 kronors (most expensive tacos ever in my life) and every guizo was perfectly cooked in the traditional way, nevertheless the “carnitas” taco was just exceptional.

The michelada was super spicy and with the right amount of “petroleo” so even if we were at 7º celsius I could enjoy it so much.

Finally, all the staff comes from Mexico or Latin America which add up for the whole experience. So I have to say that if you are a mexican missing home and you happen to visit Copenhagen, this is a mandatory stop.

P.S. I could buy some “pan de muerto” to celebrate “día de muertos” away from home.


Address:  8 Slagterboderne København V, 1716 København, Denmark

Website: http://www.hijadesanchez.dk/



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