About Us

We Love Mexico!

We love its people, its scenery, its beauty, its culture, its history, but especially we love its food!

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find good, authentic Mexican outside of Mexico. Mexican food is a victim of its own success; its popularity dilutes the quality and makes it hard to find that special place that is authentic both in feel and flavor. You will find many, many burrito places around the world, but you will find very few Mexican restaurants worth eating at. Our mission here at A Falta de Pan, Tortillas, is to find those rare jewels around the world that make our Mexican senses go wild!

We invite you to travel around the world in search of Mexican restaurants via our reviews, and marvel yourself at the hidden connections and memory evoking moments.


If No Bread, Then Tortillas

In Mexico we say “a falta de pan, tortillas” to mean that one should take what one gets, that you make due with what you have. But in our context we want to convey the fact that…Tortillas are much better than bread!

The Reviews

The reviews don’t come from specialty food critics or gourmet connoisseurs; they come from regular Mexicans like us, who love their food, and really get excited when they find a restaurant that reminds them of the smells and flavors of home.

Mexican Entrepreneurs

It has been a surprise to find so many Mexican restaurants around the world. It is incredible how, in any corner of the world, a Mexican can use its ingenuity to find ingredients for the food and adapt t . hem to the local culture, while at the same time maintaining the essence of what makes Mexican food Mexican. No matter where in the world, Mexican restaurants use the common decorations or motifs in their restaurants to convey to the guest the feeling that “you are in Mexico”. It is amazing how these entrepreneurs, separated by geography and local culture, are nonetheless connected by a common thread which keeps them attached to home

It's Like Home​

It is very enjoyable to get reviews from Mexicans who have visited the restaurants, you would think that finding a Mexican restaurant far away from home is better than winning the lottery!  The sense of elation and nostalgia inspired by a simple bite of food is a testament of how tastes and smells are vehicles that transport people to different times and places, that remind them of family members or childhood memories.